aoc2022Advent of Code 2022 solutions in Rust
blogsiteExperiment in blogging sites
blogsite2Another experiment in blogging sites
cgifunA CGI example with Caddy and Zig
learn-cExercises from C programming book
mclminecraft launcher
mf-zigtoolsMisc bits of zig code that don't warrant their own repository
pq-zigzig wrapper of libpq
roctorrentbitorrent client in Roc
rust-quineA simple quine in Rust
smtp-zigSMTP client library in zig
sql-zigzig library for database access
zbtbitorrent client in Zig
ziglingsLearning zig by fixing tiny broken programs
zigwebserverWeb server utilities in zig
zip-zigzig library for zip files
zipdlCLI tool for downloading individual files from a ZIP