aoc2022Advent of Code 2022 solutions in Rust
aoc2023Advent of Code 2023 solutions in Zig
blogsiteExperiment in blogging sites
blogsite2Another experiment in blogging sites
cgifunA CGI example with Caddy and Zig
do-dynDynamic DNS on Digital Ocean
kilozZig version of kilo editor
learn-cExercises from C programming book
mclminecraft launcher
mf-zigtoolsMisc bits of zig code that don't warrant their own repository
pgzPure Zig postgresql client
pq-zigzig wrapper of libpq
roctorrentbitorrent client in Roc
rust-quineA simple quine in Rust
smtp-zigSMTP client library in zig
sql-zigzig library for database access
z1brcOne Billion Row Challenge
zbtbitorrent client in Zig
ziglingsLearning zig by fixing tiny broken programs
zigwebserverWeb server utilities in zig
zip-zigzig library for zip files
zipdlCLI tool for downloading individual files from a ZIP